Connectedness by Sandra Danby

Connectedness by Sandra Danby

Connectedness by Sandra DanbyConnectedness by Sandra Danby

Name: Connectedness
Author: Sandra Danby
Format: ebook
Pages: 341
Release date: 10th May 2018
Publisher: Beulah Press



Justine’s art sells around the world, but does anyone truly know her? When her mother dies, she returns to her childhood home in Yorkshire where she decides to confront her past. She asks journalist Rose Haldane to find the baby she gave away when she was an art student, but only when Rose starts to ask difficult questions does Justine truly understand what she must face.

Is Justine strong enough to admit the secrets and lies of her past? To speak aloud the deeds she has hidden for 27 years, the real inspiration for her work that sells for millions of pounds. Could the truth trash her artistic reputation? Does Justine care more about her daughter, or her art? And what will she do if her daughter hates her?

This tale of art, adoption, romance and loss moves between now and the Eighties, from London’s art world to the bleak isolated cliffs of East Yorkshire and the hot orange blossom streets of Málaga, Spain.

My thoughts

I kindly received Faking It in exchange of an honest review by the author via NetGalley.

Sandra Danby at her best!

Having read and loved the first book (Ignoring Gravity) in the Identity Detective series I looked forward to reading a new novel from Sandra Danby. Connectedness is the book in the series, yet it can easily be read as a standalone novel. The books in the series all feature Rose Haldane, who helps to reunite adopted children and their birth families, and who was adopted herself. Connectedness centres around the artist, Justine King, whose life is a tangle of lies and secrets. Justine Tree asks identity detective Rose Haldane to search for the daughter she gave up for adoption in 1983.Will this terrible secret that Justine carries close to her heart threaten her art career?

I’d like to thank Sandra Danby for the opportunity of reading such a gem. I’m not sure why but I had been putting off reading this book for months, and I am of course now kicking myself, as its an amazing book.I did not know what to expect of this book in the beginning but it has had everything I wanted from a a great read in the end. I quickly found out that Sandra has a very compelling style of writing peppered with a healthy dose of love, betrayal, secrets, regret, grief and loss and adoption mixed with engaging characters that keep you turning page after page.

Sandra Danby’ gorgeous writing and the intriguing format the story is told in really did make this a special kind of novel. The story is told mainly through Justine’s viewpoint, flitting effortlessly between present-day London’s art world to isolated Yorkshire, and the hot streets of Málaga, Spain in the early 80s, where Justine went to study art. Danby definitely added a nice flavor of London, Yorkshire and Málaga. Even I don’t know all the cities I could not help but feel enveloped in each city’s atmosphere and aesthetic background.

Not only were the settings in this book researched well, also there are lots of information of art as it plays a hugh part in this novel. This is a novel that I found hard to put down as it swept me along on a roller-coaster of an emotional ride. I had to pull myself together not to burst into tears. Highly recommended to readers who enjoy a very well-written story about a family saga.

There is one thing that actually bothered me. During Justine‘s collage years in Málaga there were a lot of words written in spanish when she spoke to a friend. The spanish words were not translated I had to actually look up all the words to understand the main message of the conversation. Thankfully my kindle has a translation function so it was not too much trouble for me.

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