Friends Friday: Jody of Spoonful of Happy Endings

Friends Friday: Jody of Spoonful of Happy Endings
Friends Friday: Jody of Spoonful of Happy Endings
On this feature I’m putting the spotlight on you, my lovely book blogger friends. In my very short time of blogging I’ve got to know so many awesome bloggers. The blogger community is like family. They all are very welcoming, caring and supportiv. So many of you deserve a spot here. Fridays I’m posting an Q&A about one blogger out there. I hope you all are going to enjoy this feature. Thank you to everyone who is taking part. You’re awesome! This week I am welcoming Jody of Spoonful of Happy Endings!
I’m very happy to welcome you on my blog! You can please introduce yourself to my readers. Where were you born? Raised? Schooled?

Thanks so much for having me, Isabell! My name is Jody, I’m 26 years old and live in the Netherlands. I’ve been obsessed with reading and books since I was a teenager, which is also why I decided to study English Language & Culture at university. Inspired by my studies, I continued with a Master’s in Western Literature and Culture and a Research Master’s degree in Literary Studies. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a job within the literary/research world, which is why I decided to start blogging!

Where do we find your blog and how long have you been blogging / reviewing?

I started my blog, ‘A Spoonful of Happy Endings’ (, in March 2013 because I was looking for a way to do something with my love for books. I was immediately surprised by all the other lovely book bloggers who were really welcoming, and I’m still really glad I made the decision to start my blog because I absolutely love being able to turn my passion for books into something concrete like blog posts and Reviews.

Where did the name for your blog come from?

My blog’s name is ‘A Spoonful of Happy Endings’ and it actually took me quite some time to come up with it, haha. I wanted an original name that would also show my personality in a way. My favourite genre is chick lit, and I specifically enjoy a story with a happy ending. The ‘spoonful’ refers to Mary Poppins, one of my all-time favourite tales (a spoonful of sugar), and those two elements combined resulted in ‘A Spoonful of Happy Endings’!

Where do you hope to see your blog going in the following year?

I hope I will continue to have as much fun blogging and being a part of the book blogging community as I do now. I also hope I will be able to come up with new fun ideas of features or posts to add to my blog, and of course to reach more people who hopefully enjoy my blog!

What are your favorite aspects of blogging? What are the downers?

 I love being able to share my love of books with so many others. I also love how blogging has given me the opportunity to get in touch with authors and publishers; I still get star struck every now and again when I receive a message from one of my favourite authors! I don’t think blogging has many downers, at least not yet for me, so fingers crossed it will stay that way!

What other interests or hobbies do you have other than blogging and reading?

One of the things I love most about reading is being able to go into a different world, joining a character on their adventures. So, I guess it’s not a real surprise that I also really enjoy watching TV shows (some of my favourites are Dawson’s Creek, Glee, Gilmore Girls, Hart of Dixie, Revenge, and Switched at Birth) and films (mainly romantic comedies/chick flicks). I also love travelling, mainly to the UK, I love it there and try to spend as much time as possible there.

What are three things you are hoping to accomplish in the next six months?

Oh, good question! I hope I will be able to reach 50.000 views on my blog; that would be amazing. I also hope I will be able to keep up being able to have at least one new post up on my blog every day. And I hope I will be able to organise some fun features or join certain blogger activities within the next couple of months.

Where is one place you want to visit that you haven’t been before?

 New York!

How many books do you read a month?

It changes, but on average I read about 12 to 14 books in a month.

Share a blogging tip!

Share your love with others and don’t be afraid to say what you think/feel. Most of the time, there will be others out there who feel exactly the same way you do!

Thank you so much for taking time to answer my questions Jody. It was great to have you on my blog!
Who will be next? Come and see next friday.



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