Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off by Jill Steeples

Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off by Jill Steeples
Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off by Jill Steeples

Name: Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off
Author: Jill Steeples
Format: kindle edition
Release date: 7th January 2014
Publisher: Carina UK
Pages: 198


Reasons why you should never, ever, read your best friend’s diary (even if it has fallen to the floor, pages open oh-so temptingly…)

1) It’s morally indefensible.
2) She would never trust you again.
3) You probably know it all anyway…

So what harm could the tiniest peek do…? Answer: Lots! The best reason for never reading your best friend’s diary: You might just find out something you really didn’t want to know! Learning her fiancé, Ed – the guy she’s supposed to marry this weekend! – is having an affair with her best friend, is a devastating bombshell for bride-to-be Anna. Confused, hurt and absolutely livid, she hops on the first train to anywhere-but-here in need of some serious soul searching. Can she ever forgive Ed? Who is Anna ‘sans Ed’? And more importantly, should she go through with the wedding or should she just call the whole thing off ?

My thoughts

I kindly received Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off  in exchange of an honest review by the author.

Thank you very much Jill Steeples for offering me to read and review your book. It was my pleasure to read it. After I started reading it, it was very hard for me to put it down to do the ordinary things in life. I was totally hooked of the story. This was the first book I’ve read by this author.

What would you do if you found your best friends diary on the floor? Would you read it or would you be strong to just walk away? Anna, the main character of the book, was faced by this problem. Anna found accidentally her best friend Sophie’s diary and she couldn’t resist reading a page. Anna worried about Sophie because she was always somewhere else with her mind and not really happy while they were planning Anna’s wedding. Being best friends Anna thought she knows everything about Sophie but she was so wrong. Reading more and more in the diary she found out her fiancé is having an affair with her best friend. Her perfect world broke into pieces.

Overwhelmed with her feelings she packed up her things to take a break in Hollisea to sort out her feelings and make important life decisions just a few days before the wedding. During her stay in Hollisea Anna meets lovely people and made friends with Mandy and Bob from the local Cafe, Neil her hotel waiter and Dave, a random man she meets at the pub.

As we all know, Chick-lit books can be very predictable but I’m happy to say this wasn’t. It kept me turning the pages and you didn’t know what was going to happen next. Anna went through lot of emotions and mind changes until she came up with her decision. Will Anna forgive Ed and Sophie or will she call the wedding off? This is the question. The ending made me smile so much. I was so happy and relieved she did the right thing.

I enjoyed reading this a lot. Jill is a great writer, she knows how to tell a story. I can’t wait to read more of Jill Steeples.

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  1. 26. Januar 2014 / 12:28 PM

    Great review hun, well done 🙂 I gave the same rating 😉 xx

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