Postcards from the Heart by Ella Griffin

Postcards from the Heart by Ella Griffin

Postcards from the Heart by Ella Griffin

Name: An und für Dich
Original title: Postcards from the heart
Author: Ella Griffin
Format: paperback
Release date: 15th August 2013
Publisher: KiWi
Pages: 480


Life is looking up for Saffy. She has a great job, a gorgeous flat in the most desirable part of Dublin and – after six years – it looks like her boyfriend, Greg, is going to propose. Greg (just voted the 9th most eligible man in Ireland) is on a high, too – he’s about to swap his part as a heart-throb in an Irish soap for a break in Hollywood. His best mate Conor wakes up every morning with Jess, the most beautiful woman on the planet but, even after seven years and two kids, she won’t marry him. He spends his days teaching teenagers and his nights writing the book he hopes will change everything, including Jess’s mind. But their happy endings are playing hard to get. It seems everyone’s keeping secrets – one night stands, heartbreak, grief and loss are all in the mix. It’s going to take some tough questions and even tougher answers before anyone’s being honest – even with themselves.

My thoughts

Postcards from the Heart is a book about four friends in their thirties. It’s about love, lust, life, death, balloon rides and a missing hamster. But most of all it’s about figuring out how to stop saying “I don’t” and how to start saying “I do”

The novel centres the lives of two couples Saffy & Greg and Jess & Conor. Saffy is the lead character in the story through. The book is divided into three parts and was different to what I expected. I bought this because it was highly recommended and I loved the cover.  Firstly I have to say I was a bit disappointed. I was very struggling to get into the story.  It took me more than 100 pages to get in. In part 2 was a turning point for me and I started to enjoy it and I couldn’t stop until I finished it. I didn’t hate the book, but I didn’t love it either. The book passed the time for me and didn’t really create much impact.

I love to read about places I have been before. The story is set in Ireland. I lived in Dublin for a couple of months when I was 21. I really enjoyed it when Ella mentioned any streets, cafés or towns.  I knew what she was talking about and that put a big smile on my face.

The book is told in the third person and it worked really well for this book because of the amount of main characters, I was easily able to follow the four different story lines. The characters are very lovable with one exception. Greg. I’m sorry, what a dickhead! He really annoyed me with his arrogance. He’s so narcissistic, naïve and selfish. Saffy is confident, lovable and easy to relate to. Conor is a loving family farther. I did like him before he became stubborn and almost a jerk at the last pages of the book. Luckily he made up his mind. Jess sometimes annoyed me a bit too. I would have liked to have found out a bit more about her and her past. I loved Joe! I wish Ella had written more about him.

If this book taught me anything it was that life can be extremely complicated but that people deal with it. For most of the parts, the story has been good. It was dragging from time to time but still not a bad read and I’m looking forward to reading Ella’s other novel. A good debut with interweaving stories of love and loss told with a light and clever touch.

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