The Heart of Bali by Rebecca Raisin

The Heart of Bali by Rebecca Raisin
The Heart of Bali by Rebecca Raisin
Name: The Heart of Bali
Author: Rebecca Raisin
Format: kindle edition
Pages: 43 pages
Release date: 1st March 2014
Publisher: Escape Publishing


What happens when your break from real life shows you exactly how empty it actually is?

Focused and driven, Aurora has built her PR and event management company into a
thriving success. But, it’s come at a cost. Her relationships suffer, and she has virtually no social life. When her boyfriend suggests a holiday to mend the bridges, it seems like a good idea to rekindle their attraction and make some new life choices. Instead, she finds herself in the tropical paradise of Bali, heartbroken and alone.

When Marcel, the hotelier, offers to show her the real Bali, she doesn’t hesitate — he might be just the pick-me-up she needs. Pinning Marcel as a Casanova, Aurora decides to have fun and not overthink things. Exploring her more sensual side brings a newfound confidence, and she finds herself falling for the French hotelier and the Bali he shows her…until an unexpected visitor arrives at the hotel. As her holiday draws to a close, will Aurora choose to leave with good memories, or follow her heart?

My thoughts

I kindly received The Heart of Bali in exchange of an honest review via Netgalley. Thank you Escape Publishing.

Rebecca Raisins novellas of the Gingerbread Café are so lovely, heart-warming and enjoyable. For that  reason I was very excited to start The Heart of Bali. I was prepared to read something different compared to her other novellas. I can tell you, it was fantastic. I wish she’d write more stories like this.

Aurora, our heroin in the story, is supposed to go on vacation with her beloved boyfriend, Denny. The boyfriend, misses the flight after a heavy night of parting too much. Where does Aurora knows that from? Pictures on Facebook proof that. Aurora heads to Bali alone and heartbroken. The best she can do now is enjoy the tropical paradise she is staying, drink cocktails at the bar and suck in the sun by the pool. It seems like her holiday ends uneventful but 3 days left on her holiday, Marcel, a handsome Frenchman and also owner of the resort where Aurora’s staying in offers to show her the real Bali. When they meet, it’s like instant chemistry and it doesn’t take them long to get intimate.
Bali and Marcel had changed Aurora. Overthinking what she really wants in life she has to decide if she follows her heart or goes  back to her old life Australia?

The Heart of Bali is a fast paced novella about a sweet summer romance with some really hot moments. Enjoyable and a very quick read! Rebecca describes Bali very detailed and magically. It made me want to pack my luggage and leave. I really liked both main characters. Aurora for letting go and live for the moment. Marcel for being such a gentleman. and treating Aurora like a princess.

The thing I really don’t like about novellas is that they are over too quickly. Just in the moment you really start enjoying it, it’s over. I wish this one had been a full length novel.

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