The Secret to Falling in Love by Victoria Cooke

The Secret to Falling in Love by Victoria Cooke

The Secret to Falling in Love by Victoria Cooke

the secret to falling in loveName: The Secret to Falling in Love
Author: Victoria Cooke
Format: ebook
Pages: 198 pages
Release date: 9th February 2016
Publisher: HQ Digital


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Lifestyle journalist and thirty-something singleton Melissa hashtags, insta’s and snapchats her supposedly fabulous life on every social media platform there is.

That is until she wakes up on her birthday, another year older and still alone, wondering if for all her internet dates, love really can be found online? The challenge: go technology free for a whole month!

Forced to confront the reality of her life without its perfect filters, Melissa knows she needs to make some changes. But when she bumps into not one, but two gorgeous men, without the use of an app, she believes there could be hope for love offline.

If only there was a way to choose the right guy for her…

My thoughts

I kindly received The Secret to Falling in Love in exchange of an honest review by the publisher via NetGalley.

Melissa is a freelance copywriter and a journalist for a local lifestyle magazine, she knows the best places to eat, drink and be merry in Manchester. For the last four or five years that had been all she ever wanted – a husband and a couple of kids – There had been dates, but it just didn’t happen yet. She wasn’t the kind of girl to give up … she keeps trying. The pressure of being single is high. When you’re in your thirties you need to start thinking about your future.

Her life is so tied up in technology. She relies on the internet for everything: entertainment, reservations, booking transport, ordering takeaway and dating. When she wasn’t doing anything productive she was using it to pass the time, time she could’ve spent doing something useful. Melissa’s boss pushed her into a challenge that will demand a lot of her: Go without technology for a month! Will Melissa find life better when she’s unplugged? When Melissa goes offline and gives up her technology life, she begins to see that there’s more to life. Being without technology was proving to have its positives. Without the help of her phone she bumps into two gorgeous men. They couldn’t be more different. Will she go for the glamorous and hollywood like dates or she is she more like for something less showy, down to earth and more heartwarming?

The Secret to Falling in Love was a real eye opener to me as it shows us how much we all depend on technology and on social media. It had got me thinking how consumed I’d become with technology. Maybe a social media break would do me good 😉 Life is like reading a goof book, at first you can’t put it down, eager to see what the next page will reveal, but by the last quarter you want to pace yourself, slow down, because you want to savour the final chapters. That’s just how it is with that book. The Secret to Falling is a quirky, entertaining read that you can get through in no time.I found myself smiling in lots of parts because I could realte to Melissa in so many ways. She  is older than me and yet I sympathize with her instantly. I love that Machester is used as her home city. A lot of chic lit books use the same places over and over again so it was refreshing that a completely new place.

The closure of the romance seemed a little too rushed for me. It was obvious how the story is going to end but nevertheless, with all the obstacles, problems and dilemmas, which were really well written by the way, but still it is a funny, lighthearted, joy of a book. Exactly what I needed. I loved it!

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