Who killed “Tom Jones”? by Gale Martin

Who killed “Tom Jones”? by Gale Martin
Who killed “Tom Jones”? by Gale Martin

Name: Who killed ‘Tom Jones’?
Author: Gale Martin
Format: kindle edition
Pages: 253
Release date: 15th January 2014
Publisher: Booktrope


Ellie Overton is a 28-year-old rest home receptionist with a pussycat nose who also happens to be gaga for the pop singer Tom Jones. Regrettably single, she is desperate to have a white-hot love relationship, like those she’s read about in romance novels. Following an astrological hunch, she attends a Tom Jones Festival and meets an available young impersonator with more looks and personality than talent. Though he’s knocked out of the contest, he’s still in the running to become Ellie’s blue-eyed soul mate–until he’s accused of killing off the competition. It’s not unusual that the handsome police detective working the case is spending more time pursuing Ellie than collaring suspects. So, she enlists some wily and witty rest home residents to help find the real murderer. Will Ellie crack the case? Must she forfeit her best chance for lasting love to solve the crime?        

My thoughts

I kindly received Who killed ‘Tom Jones’? in exchange of an honest review via Netgalley.

First of all I’d like to thank Gale Martin for offering me to read and review her book. To be very hoest I was a bit concered if this a book I am going to like, because this is a book I probably would have not picked up myself. The blurb sounded very good but I was never into Tom Jones and his music also I’m not reading many books which invole crime and mystery and the cover was not really appealing to me either but I gave it a go. And here we are again with the topic: DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER. The turnout can be very suprising. I am very happy I stept out of my comfort zone and tried something new.

The story is set in Pankey, Pennsylvania. Ellie Overton is a late-blooming, 28-year-old, working as a receptionist at a rest home with a nostalgic affection for Tom Jones. She attends a Tom Jones Festival and is ready to meet the one who changes her life forever at the festival. Ellies life takes an unexpected turn at the second night of the festival. One of the tribute artists has been killed and she is right in the middle of it. Together with the help of the rest home residents they try to solve the case.

I enjoyed reading this book very much. I hardly cound’t put it down. What a page turner! A prefect mixture of crime and a love story.  The book is not precictable at all. Who Killed Tom Jones? is a murder mystery and you spend your time thinking “Who killed him?”. You never knew whar was going to happen next. Ellie was such a great, lovely and likable character. I really hoped for her that she’ll chrack the case and end up with the right guy and have her very own happy end. I would recommend everyone to give this a shot!

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  1. 30. März 2014 / 9:29 PM

    Thank you so much for the four cupcake review, Isabell. I'm just delighted you really enjoyed my book in spite of itself! XO

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