Guest Post: Why I love Chick-Lit by Jenny

Guest Post: Why I love Chick-Lit by Jenny

Guest Post: Why I love Chick-Lit by Jenny of Small Girl Big Dreams

I have always enjoyed reading. When I was younger, I would sit and read books by Roald Dahl with my Mum or Dad before bed, which then as I got older, turned into books by Jacqueline Wilson.

There was a year or two in my life where I didn’t read any books of my own for pleasure. In school I had set readings for my coursework and exams, so I had to concentrate on them instead. Although, I can’t complain – I really enjoyed one of the books I had to read – Of Mice and Men.

In the last couple of years, I have been introduced to the ‘Chick-Lit’ genre… Which is officially my favourite genre to read!

The first ever Chick-Lit book I read was ‘Millie’s Fling by Jill Mansell’. It was summertime and I needed a new book to read, but I couldn’t decide which one. My Mum told me that I would probably enjoy some of the books that she has, so I made my way upstairs to check them out. I picked up ‘Millie’s Fling’, began reading, and couldn’t stop…

Of course, once I had finished this one, I raided my Mum’s book shelf again and picked another by the same author. Since then, I have had a slight (ok, huge!) obsession with the genre.

With the majority of Chick-Lits I have read, I have immediately been taken inside the book and away from the stresses of reality. It has become a form of escapism. The characters and the situations they find themselves in are so relatable and could easily be a mirror of somebody’s actual life. It takes me to another world, it draws me in and it fulfils my wants and desires.

They provide me with a range of different emotions and keep me hooked, desperate to find out what is going to happen next, and they include a mixture of romance, humour, heart-break, friendships and many other life lessons.

The book cover for a Chick-Lit is usually the first feature to grab my attention, and one of my favourite features of a book too! As soon as I see a beautiful, eye-catching book then I have to go and have a look what it is about. One of my favourite book covers the moment has to be ‘Lucy in the Sky by Paige Toon’. I absolutely adore the simplicity, and the use of silhouettes against the ombre blue and purple sky.

I have to admit that for me there is no better feeling after a long, stressful day, than jumping into bed with my hot water bottle and curling up to read a Chick-Lit. It enables me to hop into a different world, and live the life of the characters. It gives me that calm satisfaction I need when I am having a bad day.

I have noticed that many people criticise Chick-Lit. There are arguments that the Chick-Lit genre is destroying serious literature, is too stereotypical and it makes women feel more self-conscious (for example, the portrayal of Bridget and her “granny bloomers” in Bridget Jones’ Diary). Of course, I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however I would have to disagree.

I am a young, self-conscious girl who is surrounded by the world telling me how I should look. No matter what the characters look like in these books though, they always end up with a man who loves them for who they are. Just like all other genres, this genre isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but as long as you enjoy it then that is all that matters.

Therefore, this is why I love Chick-Lit. I can escape from reality, jump into the characters shoes, experience a long, emotional journey with them and have a sense of happiness and satisfaction once finishing the book!

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